Zuzana Božíková

Zuzana Božíková

Head of Education & Brand @ Slido


Zuzana started her career as an early member of the GLOBSEC team that built its annual forum into one of the leading conferences on geopolitical security. In addition to that, Zuzana gained experience as a trainer and facilitator from her extensive collaboration with Dell where she led internal training sessions. Besides leading the education program for Slido clients, she is also involved with facilitating internal events and keeps on following her passion for people’s development at Slido or outside.


Slido is an easy to use Q&A and polling platform. Slido helps people to get the most out of meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and their audiences. From internal communications professionals to trainers, team leaders, conference organizers and individual presenters, Slido is used by anyone looking to enable open conversation at a live meeting, whether in-person or virtual. Over 320,000 events around the world have already used Slido to create a two-way conversation between speakers and their audiences.