Zohar Levkovitz

CEO & Co-Founder @ L1ght


Zohar has been at the forefront of mobile and internet technology development for over 15 years. Zohar was the CEO & Co-Founder of the digital marketing company Amobee which was acquired by Apple in 2012 for $321M. As former CTO of Comverse 3G, MMS and WAP Push activities, Zohar led the development and compilation of several architectures and concepts, currently accepted as standards by the global telecom industry. In addition, Mr. Levkovitz was named California’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and currently stars on the Israeli edition of Shark Tank.


L1ght eradicates online toxicity and ensures the internet is used for what it was intended for – connecting people, sharing ideas and driving humanity forward. Designed to mimic the behavior of children online, our algorithms are the result of a multidisciplinary team including cybersecurity experts, data scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and more.

Our cutting-edge technology expands the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging AI and machine learning.  It offers sophisticated and specific solutions that go far beyond traditional content moderation and filtering tools to deliver a truly effective solution.