Yonatan Dor

Yonatan Dor

Founder @ The Dor Brothers

The Dor Brothers is a Videography/Photography company founded by the Dor brothers in Berlin, Germany. With over 50 Music Videos made, 150,000+ views on our Youtube channel , 125 Students, and not even 1 dissatisfied customer. We can safely say we are the #1 Company in the world for AI videos.

While most people struggle to even understand how to begin creating with AI, we already managed to assemble a whole team, and devised a masterful workflow that ensures maximum quality videos which received a lot of global attention.

With a lot of research and skill using generators such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E , Midjourney, Disco Diffusion, VQGAN and others, we are able to bring very creative and precisely directed visions to life. All of our animations are made strictly using AI generators.

For those who do know what it means – It is a computer code that receives an input from a user, then based on that input it tries it’s best to search a pre-selected image archive on the internet and compile different images to make a video. We do not illustrate or paint anything ourselves. Our skill is having the knowledge and mastery to control the algorithm to achieve the desired results.