Tamir Roter

Tamir Roter

VP EMEA & APAC @ Bright Data


Tech-savvy business leader, Tamir Roter has held several business and strategy leadership roles throughout his dynamic career. In the last 3 years, Roter has served as the Vice President of APAC & EMEA at Bright Data, an industry-leading SaaS platform for public online data collection. To date, Bright Data serves thousands of customers, Fortune 500 included as well as prominent e-commerce and retail key industry players. His insight and skillset have contributed to Bright Data’s rapid growth in various market sectors, such as e-commerce, travel, security, finance and more.


Bright Data’s unique SaaS platform allows thousands of customers to collect public unstructured web data and transform it into structured reliable data. By doing this, the company saves organizations many resources, helping them understand and act on vital decision-making factors with speed and simplicity.