Itamar Rogel

Itamar Rogel

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer @ Affogata


Itamar is a seasoned high-tech veteran with over a decade in the industry, he’s co-founded and grown multiple companies in diverse verticals. He’s passionate about early growth and building solutions with long-term impact and has particular expertise in the fields of consumer mobile, online ad monetization, and user engagement.


Affogata was founded with the mission of enabling organisations to leverage the power of Open Big Data, by providing customers with better strategic engagement with their customers and the surrounding ecosystem.

We developed Affogata leveraging years of experience helping businesses grow, engage and manage their online brands. Our advanced technology helps customers distill actionalble insights across an organisation and deliver them to the right stakeholders.

Affogata is built for acquiring, managing and running processes over Open Big Data to serve various teams in an organisation , including Support, Product, Corp Dev, and Strategy.