Chris Armbruster

Chris Armbruster

Director Community @ The Drivery


Chris has built Europe’s fastest-growing and largest community of mobility innovators at the Drivery. He is also involved in scaling the AI practitioner community with


The history of mobility within Europe has a legacy of its own but has fallen behind in the digital era. Fast forward to March 2019 when The Drivery opened as a Marketplace for Mobility Innovators to provide the modern infrastructure needed for rapid innovation and the meeting place for the European mobility community.

Now, The Drivery is home to over 60 startups that are focused entirely on mobility within the European tech ecosystem. It’s a perpetual motion machine that brings together futurists, makers, thinkers, and doers who are all passionate about shaping the future of mobility.

Located in Berlin with over 10.000 m² (and growing) space in the historic Ullsteinhaus building, The Drivery includes high-tech prototyping maker garages, a GPU farm that provides excessive processing power for AI development, and coworking, office and event spaces. Come to the place that’s working to put Europe back on the map as the center for mobility innovation.